Harry C. Merritt is a historian and Visiting Lecturer at Amherst College.

Harry completed a Ph.D. in History at Brown University in 2020. His dissertation, “For the Homeland, Against Each Other: Latvian Soldiers in Nazi German and Soviet Service in World War II,” was defended in December 2019. His research interests include nationalism, collective identity, interethnic relations, and the impact of war on society.

Harry holds an M.A. in History from Brown University, an M.A. in German and European Studies from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service, and a B.A. in Political Science and Russian Studies from Eckerd College. In June 2010, Harry’s article “Colony of the Colonized: the Duchy of Courland’s Tobago Colony and Contemporary Latvian National Identity” was published inĀ Nationalities Papers. For more of Harry’s academic writing, please see the Academic Publications page.

Harry has also written for The Awl and Jacobin, among other outlets. See the Other Writing page for details.

While living in New York from 2010-2013, Harry was also a member of the film collective Cinebeasts, as a member of which he curated a number of film screenings. For details on these events, please see the Film Screening page.

CV available upon request–please send an email if interested.

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